Simulated ventricular pacings, with and without scars, 5 surface source models, 3 resolutions, BEM

This datasets contains excitation simulations of pacings at three locations in the ventricles (LV lateral wall, RV lateral wall and RV septal wall). Pacings were simulated under physiological conditions (no scars) and pathological conditions (various configurations of lines of block at the interventricular junction and round scar patches on the LV lateral wall). All simulations were performed on the same geometry. For each case, five different types of source signals are provided: Transmembrane voltages, epi- and endocardial extracellular potentials (EPs), pericardial EPs, epi- and endocardial equivalent single layer (ESL) sources and pericardial ESL sources. Source signals and corresponding forward matrices are provided for 3 different cardiac mesh resolutions.
These simulations were originally designed to study the occurence of artificial lines of block and the detection of real lines of block in ECGI-derived activation maps. However, they can also be used to compare different source models and resolutions on a common dataset.

Species: Human
Keywords: Simulated ventricular pacings, with and without scars, 5 surface source models, 3 resolutions, BEM
Software: SCIRun, map3d

Acknowledgement: This dataset was created in a joint research project between the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the First Department of Medicine at University Medical Centre Mannheim and EP Solutions SA

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