Torso tank and epicardial ventricular sock recordings of RV paced, LV paced, and sinus rhythm after LBBB induction through ablation.
Geometries were generated from MRI of the tank.

Species: porcine
Keywords: Torso Tank, LBBB, Epicardial, Torso
Software: Map3d

We used a 599 electrode cage in a 192 torso tank electrodes to record signals for this ischemia study. The study protocol included a combination of RV or LV pacing and demand interventions. There were a total of 3 interventions executed and each intervention lasted for approximately 13 minutes with 15 minutes of recovery period between interventions.

Species: Dog
Keywords: BSPM, Ischemia, Torso Tank, BEM, Cage Recordings
Software: Seg3D, SCIRun, map3d, Cleaver